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No agenda beyond client success

Our founders held two deeply personal convictions:
Belief in the value and autonomy of the individual

Desire to help clients move through change, and be better off for the experience
In 1984, building a business model around these two convictions was refreshingly new. Time-tested, today they have become steeled and unshakable truths that guide the way we work.

We're not beholden to shareholder value, quarterly milestones, or conventional perspectives.

As a privately owned and independent organization, we are free to do the right thing. Our only agenda is client success.

Size and scope that fits
your needs, not ours

The size and dimensions of our engagements are flexible. They are determined by the breadth of your ambitions and our understanding of what it takes to achieve change, for the better. Only your goals determine the scope of our efforts.

No competing priorities

Ours is a flat organization without performance quotas. Consultants don’t feel the pressure to bring on unneeded resources or sell unnecessary services. They are free to focus solely on producing the best strategies and solutions for you.

Smaller by design

Our size enables us to keep connections personal and more nimbly respond to the changing needs of our clients. The quality of our connection to each other and our clients is more important than the size of our organization.

Fiercely independent,
Highly collaborative

Expressworks' organizational structure is designed to celebrate the unique talents of each consultant. As peers who share a common purpose, we collaborate rather than compete.
I think the common thread with Expressworks is your willingness to go wherever we needed to go to make the breakthrough happen. Being willing to work outside of the box ... Doing it in a way that is inspiring and really enlists our senior leaders in the organization.
Vice president
We view transformation through the lens of human behavior to drive change, for the better.

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