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ConnectING Human Behavior to the bottom line

The path to better performance and business outcomes
Expressworks' path to better puts human needs on equal footing with business goals.
Our change, for the better principles ensure our solutions achieve your desired goals but not at the expense of your workforce or reputation.

Whether you need to transform, amplify performance, or adjust to unexpected realities, Expressworks helps you better navigate the change that your organization will inevitably face.

Change, for the better


We navigate change with an eye toward our clients’ long-term performance aspirations.


Change happens at the will and the capability of the individual.


The impact of corporate change can range from a ripple to a tsunami.

We guide clients through the structural shifts and cultural nuances that impact their ability to compete and contribute.


Organizational Transformation
Future of Work
Digital Transformation
Culture Change
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Operational Excellence
Compliance and Regulatory
Tech Implementation
Post-Merger Integration
I think one of the things Expressworks does as a company is teach our people how to turn up in a different way, how to go in and really get after what they need to, and be respected by that business team ... from helping us craft a change journey through your executive coaching.
Chief information officer
We help clients envision and achieve their desired future state by deploying six performance factors to minimize costly disruption, shift behavior, and drive business outcomes.
Vision and Strategy
Thought partnership, vision clarity, business outcomes / future state definition, leader alignment
effective leaders
Change / transformation leadership, coaching, leadership team effectiveness, sponsor planning
cultural engagement
Engagement strategy and execution, communications strategy and plans, creative communications
Workforce capability
Motivation and reinforcement, talent / capability gap mitigation, learning strategies and development
Organizational design, performance measurement, process re-engineering, program / project management
Data / Technology
Data analysis and insights, digital enablement
Better Performance
When conscientiously calibrated, these factors can minimize disruption, speed performance improvement, and steadily propel the organization towards its promise.

Our work spans the design to the details of change

Our engagements flex to be as comprehensive or targeted as you need - from the blueprint for enterprise-wide change to the specifics of process improvement.


Flexible Workplace Strategy
Operating Model Design
Organizational Strategy and Effectiveness
Leadership Advisory: Vision, Sponsorship, Engagement
Operational Excellence 
Health, Safety and Environmental Program
Workforce Engagement Strategy
Technology / Digital Implementation Approach


Workforce Enablement / Adoption
Change Impact / Gap Analysis
Agile and Waterfall Project Management / Implementation
Measurement / Data Analytics
Team Effectiveness
Multimedia Creative
Communications Development / Engagement Execution

Case Study

Building the Future of Work in Real Time

A global gaming company needed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with new ways of working to support both the present state of their distributed offices and shape their future of work.

Cultivating trust across industries

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