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Cultivating trust across industries

Tomorrow’s success is built on today’s trust.
Trust is measured by the faith employees, customers and the community have in a company’s purpose and its ability to produce and prosper.

Whatever industry you’re in, Expressworks helps leaders inspire and protect the trust that is at the heart of improved performance and successful change.

Industries We Serve

The disruption energy companies face is of transformational proportions – capable of forcing U-turns and major shifts in strategy, operations, and investment priorities.   

From strengthening systems and processes that help achieve carbon neutrality to working with leaders to champion equitable sustainability, Expressworks offers over 35 years of global energy industry expertise 
Fiduciary integrity is everything. For financial services companies, consumer trust and confidence are table stakes. Vital as they are, customers want more: ease and convenience, seamless and integrated experiences, fewer fees.   

We support clients in their effort to provide more value through service and operations innovation including digitization efforts, data-analytics capabilities, and processes integration. 
For pharmaceutical companies, trust is a matter of life and death. For consumers, pharma is personal. While they need medicines, consumers also want to believe that drug manufacturers produce safe, readily available, fairly priced remedies.    

Expressworks helps pharmaceutical clients deliver on consumer needs by improving organizational and operational performance that ultimately strengthens trust.  
The proliferation of digitization, AI, and virtualization continues to change the landscape of what is possible. At the same time, the increasing complexity of connectivity also brings additional regulation, demands for accountability, and system vulnerabilities. 

In an industry that moves at the speed of data, Expressworks helps focus leaders’ actions, strengthen organizational alignment, and improve employee engagement to keep pace with a market whose needs change almost as quickly.   
Public-sector organizations are tasked with the daunting challenge of addressing a range of societal issues while also appeasing a growing, demographically diverse, and increasingly vocal customer base. Bureaucracy, election cycles, and tight budgets further complicate matters. 

Expressworks partners with public-sector organizations to help leaders articulate direction, workers adapt to change, and agencies improve the reach and efficacy of their efforts. 
Utilities face a turbulent horizon. ESG, decarbonization and renewables, changing infrastructure demands, and fluctuating energy prices are reprioritizing balance sheets. Add the push for digital equity, and the need to innovate becomes more urgent.   

Expressworks helps utility companies find the best path through policy and regulatory change. Our work focuses on helping leaders and their workforce adapt to new ways of operating to improve the value of their services.  
What I love about Expressworks is their ability to meet companies where they are. Whether a company is in the midst of transformation or struggling to understand change, Expressworks can help.
Find your own path and help clients find theirs.

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