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Expressworks is a boutique management consultancy dedicated to helping organizations better navigate the maze of transformations and change.
We connect human behavior to the bottom line to drive better performance and business outcomes.

better business outcomes

Whether you need to transform, amplify performance, or adjust to unexpected realities, Expressworks helps clients better navigate the structural shifts and cultural nuances that impact their ability to compete and contribute.
What We Do

Our Focus Areas

Organizational Transformation
Future of Work
Digital Transformation
Culture Change
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Operational Excellence
Compliance and Regulatory
Tech Implementation
Post-Merger Integration
Change is not a choice.
How you come out of it, is.

It's not just what we do, but how we do it that sets us apart.

Our change, for the better principles put human needs on equal footing with business goals. These principles ensure our solutions achieve your desired future but not at the expense of your workforce or your reputation.
I can't think about breakthroughs without thinking about Expressworks ...
Expressworks has been courageous with us time and time again pushing us to break through old paradigms to find new mindsets and new possibilities.
Vice president

Case Study

Building the Future of Work in Real Time

A global gaming company needed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with new ways of working to support both the present state of their distributed offices and shape their future of work.

Find your own path and help clients find theirs.

Why work at Expressworks? Because you want to define life on your own terms, establish your own goals, and stop climbing other people's ladders.

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