Change is
not a choice

How you come out of it, is.
Change is inevitable for all organizations.
Future success is dependent on how organizations choose to navigate this challenging and vulnerable state.
Solutions that concentrate solely on people undervalue the importance of organizational performance.
Elevating performance over people discounts human needs and the responsibility organizations have to their communities and environment.
Change, for the better strives to balance these incongruities in ways that give voice to both.
Everything we do attempts to reconcile future business viability with the human condition.

our solutions coalesce around three values

Future focused

Change is the bridge to better.
Beyond the immediate effort, we aim to navigate change with an eye toward our clients’ long-term performance aspirations.
Change is not just about the here and now, it is the bridge to a better future. Our goal is to achieve our clients’ short-term objectives as well as advance their long-term vision building upon the unique and essential nature of their capability and culture.

Built on respect

Business change relies on individual change.
Change may be directed from the C-suite, but it succeeds or fails in the cubicle, at the will and capability of the individual.
We go to great lengths to understand change through the eyes of the individual. From this perspective, we can better align employee needs with organizational goals for mutual benefit. As a result, employees can become partners in the journey – more willing to work in the new ways that improve their experience and propel the company forward.

Mindful of impact

Organizations don't act in isolation.
When a large organization makes a change, the impact can range from a ripple to a tsunami.​
We believe an organization is responsible for understanding how the changes it implements impact employee wellbeing, customer satisfaction, the health of the community, and the environment. For this reason, we advocate for solutions that do the most good and the least harm for our clients and their stakeholders at large.
In a very respectful manner, Expressworks consultants ask questions that bring into focus what it is that we really want to achieve and what it is likely to mean to ourselves and our people.
Strategic communications and change management

Case Study

Building the Future of Work in Real Time

A global gaming company needed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with new ways of working to support both the present state of their distributed offices and shape their future of work.
How we put our thinking to work for you

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