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Transforming IT to Enable Enterprise-Wide Innovation

A Fortune 20 client needed to consolidate the IT departments of 40+ business units and functions into one enterprise IT organization and enable delivery of solutions across 13 new digital platforms. IT spend was in the 4th quartile per industry benchmarks, decisions were being made in silos, and robust data analytics and innovation were difficult. This change would affect over 40,000 employees globally and was expected to reduce operating costs by $450M in the first year making this one of the client’s largest transformation attempts ever.


A global, cross-functional team was to operationalize the first iteration of the new IT operating model, onboard 3,000 employees, and mitigate business disruption. The enterprise needed to perform in accordance with the new model to realize the value of the transformation.


Because the client wanted to realize cost savings within the year, we had only five months to implement the first (and largest) wave of the global effort. Compounding the challenge, top IT and business leaders were still unaware of the planned changes and significant details of the model were still being defined. Two acquisitions, cyberattacks related to the war in Ukraine, and a pandemic that scattered and disconnected the workforce added to the turbulent environment and exacerbated enterprise-wide change fatigue.


With time constraints prohibiting nonessential activity, we focused on the most critical success factors: leadership and employee engagement. To adapt to evolving scope and timelines, Expressworks took an agile approach to develop a multifaceted change strategy implemented in three waves over two years.

Business Outcomes

Early support from the CEO and active sponsorship of the CIO made for significantly more receptive stakeholders and helped to clear the path of competing interests and priorities. Our focus on leader behavior and employee engagement brought the transformation to life and helped secure participation across the enterprise. Despite significant reduction of IT resources and ongoing solution deployments, we helped the organization reach their goals within the timelines with no major incidents and minimal disruptions to the business. The client is now in a better place to iterate as needed to sustain value and savings.

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