Case Study

Realizing the Full Value of Digital Investment

A Fortune 20 energy client needed help customizing, implementing, and driving adoption of a Salesforce CRM solution for two teams. Individuals had been using spreadsheets to track sales information making it difficult to share and analyze data real-time.


Adoption of the application was expected to build user capabilities, digitize the commercial workflow, and simplify operations. It was also expected to improve data collection and quality to facilitate decision-making and provide a reliable source of market intelligence.


The client was technologically risk-averse and business units tended to closely guard data. To reap the full benefits of the tool, the interrelated teams needed to change their ways of working.


Expressworks partnered with the development team to incorporate the voice of the user into the interface and workflows. The deployment focused on leader and power user capability to use the tool, communicate clear usage expectations, and model usage in daily operations. Post-launch, Expressworks monitored utilization, and based on trends, made improvements including the streamlining, automating, and simplifying of related processes

Business Outcomes

By focusing the roll-out on the needs of the end-user, demand for Salesforce licenses increased over 10x from 150 to 2000 and is still growing. The success of this initial rollout also led to unanticipated demand from business units in other segments impressed by the results. Operational efficiencies, cross-segment collaboration, and data insights will continue to improve as adoption spans other areas of the enterprise value chain.

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