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Teams are the preferred method of organizing work in business. No leader we know of thinks a project can be completed; a major change, implemented; or a culture, transformed through the work of a single individual. It takes teams, and often teams of teams, focused on a common purpose to move the needle.

Learn about creating effective one-team organizations from John Lyden, an Expressworks consultant with years of experience coaching high-performing teams.

Find out how to:

  • Create a compelling, shared purpose

  • Develop trusting relationships and supportive mechanisms
  • Champion open conversations as one-team habits
  • Achieve superior performance

  • Build organizational capability

Performance in business is the domain of teams. And how well these teams function indicates how much the company will achieve.


We’re a consulting firm focused on leading Fortune 100 companies through changes, however targeted or sweeping they may be. We enable our people, and in turn our clients, to be drivers of change – change that makes businesses more competitive and more profitable. Since 1984, we’ve worked with major multinational companies around the globe to understand their unique challenges, remove complexity and deliver meaningful, measurable, sustainable change.

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