How to create IT innovation

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Exclusive research from the CIO Executive Council shines a light on how IT leaders are defining and driving IT innovation. Register now to download the free report.This research article has some interesting insights into the thinking and beliefs around defining and driving IT innovation. The principles they discuss are relevant, not just for IT, but for any organization trying to develop a culture of innovation. As mentioned in the article, “Innovation is change”. To be successful, leaders have to be change agents and develop a culture of trust, transparency and flexibility. Read the full article at:

How women wage conflict without violence

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Are you setting out to change the world? Here's a stat you should know: nonviolent campaigns are 100 percent more likely to succeed than violent ones. So why don't more groups use nonviolence when faced with conflict? Filmmaker Julia Bacha shares stories of effective nonviolent resistance, including eye-opening research on the crucial leadership role that women play.

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