The conclusions contained in the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is grim. The world is already seeing the consequence of 1°C of global warming. More extremes of weather, rising tides low in lying areas has created refugees with no where to go is becoming normal. The warning in the report, “Every extra bit of warming matters, especially since warming of 1.5°C degrees centigrade or higher increases the risk associated with long-lasting or irreversible changes, such as the loss of some ecosystems.”

Andrew Winston, author and expert on sustainable business, lays out practical actions that many companies are already doing. He goes on to recommend actions that may be more difficult for companies to embrace. “Move quickly now with large-scale investment in deep transactions across all sectors of the economy, investing trillions to reduce energy costs, improve health, and avoid many other risks.”

“Business can take the lead here. It has the tools, resources, and the responsibility to help make this rapid transition happen.”

We enable change leadership. Sustainability is an area where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts. Get in touch if your company needs a journey partner to help you address climate change.

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