The effects of climate change are often removed from daily life except when they aren’t. People living on some of the coastal areas in the US. States like Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina are experiencing the “slow tsunami” of rising sea levels. Arizona, California, and many western states are fighting unprecedented fire seasons causing displacement of whole towns and parts of cities. Migrations away from trouble spots are posing global challenges to infrastructures not equipped to handle the numbers of refugees.

There are no simple answers and money alone will not stop rising seas, prolonged drought or catastrophic weather events. Business and governments will need to play a major role in creating the massive collaborative efforts needed to save populations and therefore business in vulnerable areas. A business that is located in or whose main customers live in places at risk need to address these issues sooner, not later.

We enable change leadership. Sustainability is an area where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts. Get in touch if your company needs a journey partner to help you address the oncoming effects of climate change.

For a better sense of scale, read the article. Or read about the study here.