Andrew Winston has been writing about megatrends and advising multinational companies about addressing challenges and finding the profit through the solutions to these problems. His take on the nine big things to be on the lookout for are factual and shouldn’t surprise anyone if attuned to the world around us. 

  • Population is expected to reach 8.5 billion in 2030, the largest cohort (one billion) will be 65 years old and most likely middle class unless climate change changes the trajectory. 
  • Privacy will be harder to maintain. 
  • Climate change will be unrelenting due to the lack of strong collective action. 
  • Resources will be more and more constrained especially if we don’t adopt circular economies 
  • Technologies will continue to drive efficiency 
  • Technology will be ubiquitous including replacing entire segments of work 
  • Global policy relating to climate change and resource availability will compel business to play a major role in driving sustainability 
  • Populism – who knows? 

If you’re in business for the long haul how are you determining your long-term strategies? What megatrends are you targeting? Have you committed to addressing any of these challenges through your sustainability efforts?

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