The Consumer packaged good sector is as embattled as ever as tastes change and markets move more and more rapidly.

When Paul Polman became CEO of Unilever in 2009, he set off on an ambitious sustainability journey, setting the impossible goal of doubling revenues by 2020 and increasing business share in emerging markets by 70%.

His demand of company leadership improved earnings through closed loop performance while upholding high values and ethical behavior, using The Compass, his strategy for sustainable growth. Oh, any by the way, the focus is on the customer, not on investors. He’s a frequent keynote speaker at venues like Davos and a hard nosed businessman. His secret sauce? Sustainability.

Sustainability driving value

Source: Unilever

Fast forward to today. Unilever has the industry leading measure of  5-year return on investment of 34%

Source: CNBC

We enable change leadership. Sustainability is an area where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts. Get in touch if your company needs a journey partner to help you create your own compass.

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