Developing tomorrow’s sustainable solutions requires active collaboration today. Companies, governments, and organizations can have a much bigger impact if they join forces. This spirit of collaboration is at the heart of several high-profile developments: From the Paris Climate Agreement’s commitment to limiting global warming, through to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals aiming to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.”

Urgency surrounds us. Climate change and the accompanying results of that change – ecosystems collapse, weather-related catastrophes like flooding and fires, drought and extreme temperatures is now part of our lives. Do we have the ability as a species to turn things around so that our children’s grandchildren have the same comfortable planetary conditions we’ve had?

While each of us has a role we can play, global business can do heavy lifting now in order to slow the warming trajectory of planet Earth and improve our quality of life. Our planetary resources are limited and we’ve been taxing these resources beyond the planet’s ability to restore them.

The Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are a global blueprint for a more livable planet. Businesses are often at a loss as to how to incorporate these SDGs into what they do. We enable change leadership. Sustainability and climate change are areas where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts. Get in touch if your company needs a journey partner to help you address climate change.

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