Your Sustainability Program could boost recruiting, employee retention and productivity, especially with Millennials.

Your company’s sustainability profile/program/position is one of your best recruiting and employee retention magnets. Why? Millennials care about sustainability, 40% of them and would even work for less pay to the tune of $5000 to $10,000 less a year to be part of a company that cares too.

Survey results also reveal that employee productivity will get a boost too.” More than a third said that they’ve given more time and effort to a job because of their employer’s sustainability agenda,” the survey reports.

“’From my perspective, it’s a competitive advantage for large enterprises to really align themselves with employees’ ideas about creating more environmentally sustainable choices,’ says Evan Caron, co-founder of Swytch, the blockchain-based clean energy platform that commissioned the survey.”

We’ve noticed that companies sometimes have difficulty with evolving existing strategies and programs. Other find it hard to even create a program. With fierce competition for skilled workers, maybe it’s time to up your company’s sustainability ambitions. If you’re looking for a journey partner, we’re here to help.

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