“Nature makes human development possible but our relentless demand for the Earth’s resources is accelerating extinction rates and devastating the world’s ecosystems.”  

 Joyce MsuyaActing Head of UN Environment. 

Our environmental, economic and social health is essential to our wellbeing. What does this have to do with business? Well, everything. If we don’t come quickly to a set of system level solutions our species will find it increasingly hard to exist on the planet. We will also be responsible for killing off many other plant and animal species in the process. Businesses should play a significant role that balances conservation and development in regenerating the planetary resources it has relied upon for centuries. 

What can business do?

“The future of sustainability is regeneration: replenishing and restoring what we have lost and building economies and communities that thrive, while allowing the planet to thrive too.” 

— from ‘The New Sustainability: Regeneration’ Trend Report by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence 

How should businesses respond? The J. Walter Thompson Intelligence Report recommends: 

  • Be regenerative 
  • Start on the inside 
  • Take a systemic approach 
  • Think symbiotically 
  • Take inspiration from Nature 
  • Start small — it’s a journey 
  • Think long term 
  • Bring the whole business along 

We’ve written numerous articles on how to begin the sustainability / regenerative journey. However, if there’s no mandate or commitment to the journey, there’s no chance that your efforts will be successful in the long term. If you’re going to make the commitment, it needs to be for the long haul. Once that commitment has been made, it matters little on where you start, just that you start. 

Human health and development are dependent upon planetary health. The most important thing for businesses right now is to make the commitment to safeguarding our environmental, economic and social wellbeing – our longevity and survival of our species depends on this. 

We enable change leadership. Sustainability is an area where we see leaders grappling with starting and/or sustaining efforts. If your business needs a journey partner, get in touch. 

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