Sustainability thought leader, Andrew Winston, makes the argument that we live in a bifurcated world where some leaders align business objectives and purpose with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Others still sit on the fence waiting for the compelling business case for sustainability to arrive. If you need a nudge to create the business case for your company this article is for you. Winston shares his perspective on common C-suite push back like “I’ve got profits to worry about, why should I care about sustainability?” and “It’s too expensive!” or “What’s the business value in all of this?”

The sustainability business case revisited
  • Megatrends like climate change, new technologies and millennial customer expectations are confronting the business as usual mindset. Cost benefit analyses of companies that have moved to sustainable business models have demonstrated lower cost, better risk management, innovation and higher brand value.
  • Companies build resilience, attract and retain employees and create business value.
  • Sustainability is a strategic investment and creates business value. This should get the attention of CFOs.
  • Public companies receive even closer scrutiny from investors such as Black Rock and are having to account for climate risk and other materiality questions.

Your people are at the core of business and are often the biggest obstacles to change. We understand the challenges of moving from business as usual to the next state. Sustainability isn’t about creating a project, rather, it’s more about creating long term strategies and working through your people to realize them.

Viability for business in the 21st century includes factors that were never even a consideration for most businesses in the last century. No matter where your company is on the sustainability journey we can help you advance your strategy and ambitions. Sustainability requires strategic investment and transformation. If you’re in need of a journey partner, we can help.

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