Client Success Story: SharePoint IT Strategy Program

IT Strategy Program Team within a Multinational Energy Corporation


The client engaged Expressworks to improve the efficiency and collaboration of a Program team that was responsible for improving global IT service delivery. The 40-person program consisted of five separate projects, organized under a centralized management team. They chose SharePoint as the tool to help them establish a more integrated and efficient way to work together.


Transitioning to a new way of working required spending time and effort beyond assigned project work. Existing SharePoint sites perpetuated silo mentality and behaviors.

Previous bad experiences with SharePoint made some employees question its value.


We first established sponsorship and clarity by documenting the specific collaboration behaviors that were expected. We engaged stakeholders to discuss those behaviors, and to collect day-to-day work processes. We used those requirements to drive the technology design, which was vetted with stakeholders before implementation.

This approach established a clear tie between stakeholder input and final design, and served to align stakeholders on expectations. A variety of communication methods and channels ensured awareness, readiness and confidence to make the transition.

We implemented a rich post-transition program including short-form live and recorded education sessions, one-on-one coaching, electronic communications, and behavior reminders for use in team meetings. To ensure the change was sustained, the program was transitioned to a newly-commissioned Power User group, who advocates for the solution, develops new education and communication, and ensures the technology continues to support the desired collaboration behaviors.

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