Client Success Story: Reorganizing for Growth

Rapid Growth Presents New Problems

Managing a Global Reorganization Brought on by Massive Expansion

Business growth and shifting priorities often necessitate physical changes as well. The footprint of the organization may expand, new offices open, new employees are hired. Any such scenario, when executed on a massive scale, should be recognized as the important change management project that it is.

In the case of our client, a global industry leader, two major acquisitions in the span of five years called for a dramatic expansion of the company’s internal business support services. Locations in need of their services had nearly doubled, to a total of 61 sites around the world. To accommodate such rapid growth, the business support group needed to reimagine its organizational structure and business model. They hired Expressworks to help them work through this strategic process.

Putting the house in order

As it stood, the client had dozens of newly acquired locations that lacked essential business support services. The company needed a plan to get the right people in the right jobs at the right locations, to have every facility staffed and serviced to a uniform company standard.

Expressworks’ strategic advisors worked with the client’s senior leaders to design a revamped business support organization that would be equipped to handle this newly broadened scope of work. We led organizational design sessions to fully understand the needs of each location, and emerged with an implementation plan rooted in the principles of change management. Communications planning and visible executive sponsorship were keys to success, along with the attention to detail required to deliver location-specific town hall meetings and start-up kits for teams worldwide.

Aligned with a new vision

A critical enabler in most change programs is creating consent among affected employees. Where relocations and reassignments were necessary, team members had a voice in how the reorganization would affect their futures with the company. And the business leaders made honest efforts to accommodate their requests.

The company successfully reorganized in only six months. And leaders in the new business support organization emerged with a new, global mindset. With Expressworks beside them, the team is set to lead the company forward as it continues its international growth.

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