Umami Burger has announced that the internet famous “bleeding” Impossible Burger will be its exclusive plant-based burger at all 22 Umami Burger locations across the country in another victory for plant-based eaters.

A plant-based burger that tastes and behaves like the animal-based original has been the quest for food scientists globally. The focus on sustainability and eater satisfaction delivers a product that uses 75% less water, reduces greenhouse gases by 87% and requires about 95% less land. The appeal to the millennial generation, many who consciously vote with their pocketbooks, has created even more demand propelled by the savvy move to sell sliders through White Castle at $1.99. The move will expose even a broader population to these environmentally friendly and delicious burgers. When the impossible becomes possible, all manner of opportunity becomes apparent.

Sometimes it is difficult for business leaders to think about shifting from business as usual to business concepts that are more innovative or sustainable. They often face difficult choices and barriers to change that are formidable and compelling. If leaders do not continually ask the compelling questions about the future, they may become the next Kodak or Blockbuster.

How can we help with your sustainability efforts?

We write a lot about sustainability so where exactly does it fit in this picture? When companies like Impossible Foods start, they do it with an entirely blank slate. How then does a well-established company embark on sustainability? There are salaries and expenses to pay, production schedules to meet, and shareholders to satisfy. Or if there are sustainability efforts underway, is there a need to do more?

Each company comes with a unique set of business conditions and practices. Creating sustainability is unique to each company, no matter the location on the sustainability road map. Facilitated strategy, work team and stakeholder engagement sessions are key to any effort. This is where Expressworks can help. Our sustainability practitioners are adept journey partners who can step in to facilitate strategy, program teams, employee and customer engagement while building capability within your organization. We help you build awareness of cultural context and teach you how to address barriers to change along the way.

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