Climate change can be overwhelming. Here’s how to think about your effects on the environment and the steps you can take to lessen that impact.

Why carbon?

It is the basic molecule of life on Earth. We can calculate our carbon footprint to see just how much carbon we generate and consume in our lives. We humans have ignored the carbon cycle at our own peril. Too much carbon in our environment is raising air and water temperatures, which is causing our climate to change sometimes in catastrophic ways.

Scale change

Carbon footprint reduction efforts can scale from individual to much broader use -think neighborhood, town, regions, countries, continents, and even hemispheres or the globe. Calculating your carbon footprint requires having hard data and information about habits to gain an understanding of where to make reductions in the amount of carbon we each use, consume and discard. However, understanding and awareness will not change the threats we face as a species. Time to take deliberate steps to reduce our carbon footprints.

Business footprint

Businesses can start footprint reduction activities with as small a unit as a department and then work to scale to divisions, segments, countries, regions and the entire enterprise. Starting smaller may be a good strategy for companies that want to create organizational capability to conduct activities at scale. Multiply small successes at broader and broader scale until the whole enterprise is involved. Successful carbon footprint reduction in business is a key ingredient in addressing climate change. We should also remember that it is also good for business. Efficiency and risk reduction are just some of the potential benefits. You might even get paid to remove carbon.

If you’re looking for a journey partner, whether it is footprint, risk reduction, efficiency or sustainability, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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