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Are You Ready to Improve Strategic Decision Making Locally?

Sometimes line and middle managers get so caught up in the daily grind that they lose sight of the fact that local, seemingly minor decisions can have strategic impacts on the company. Similarly, senior leaders are often insulated from the realities facing line managers and workers who are left to make impossible tradeoffs in their operational decisions, which can often result in the wrong behaviors.

In this White Paper you will learn real-world advice of how to make decisions that support and possibly enhance your company’s strategic priorities.

  • Understand why senior leaders may miss the importance of local decision making
  • Identify the key drivers of strategic business decisions
  • Recognize the strategic implications of making decisions locally
  • Discover solutions to create environments for good decision making


Mike Labit has helped others solve problems and lead organizational change for over 25 years. Working in both commercial and government sectors, he helps teams with organizational needs while coaching and mentoring the people involved. He has helped lead numerous successful turnarounds of organizations and implementation of projects and strategic initiatives. One major turnaround was revalidated for sustainability after over 10 years.


We’re a consulting firm focused on leading Fortune 100 companies through changes, however targeted or sweeping they may be. We enable our people, and in turn our clients, to be drivers of change – change that makes businesses more competitive and more profitable. Since 1984, we’ve worked with major multinational companies around the globe to understand their unique challenges, remove complexity and deliver meaningful, measurable, sustainable change.


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