“To build a high performing team you need to ensure that the lessons learned  are relevant to your team and that they are applied when everyone goes back to work.”

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Ms Barrett has put together a great list of resolutions and questions that will set your team up for success in the coming year.

Barrett’s four resolutions are:

  1. Ask for feedback on what is working and what is not
  2. Do what you say you will
  3. Discuss the real issues that prevent high performance
  4. Focus on the business and the relationships

The second resolution resonated with me where she mentions that Richard Branson spends time with his team on a weekly basis to listen to what is working and what is not working with team dynamics and behaviors.  I have worked with many teams that purchase some technology and hold a one day “team-building” session and that is the end of it.  They believe that is all that is needed to cross over from the early stages of team development (Forming/Storming/Norming) to a “Performing” team. In my experience I have yet to see that work.  Taking the time to implement honest and open feedback and continuous improvement is much more effective in developing a high-performing team.

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