Like everything, time moves on and so has our understanding of sustainability. Please be assured that there are very good business reasons to embark on the journey if you haven’t yet begun. There are even better incentives to evolve your efforts to receive the business benefits that the sustainability path affords. By understanding the evolution of corporate sustainability goals, companies can gain valuable insights for evolving their sustainability strategies.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out where to start. Zeke Hart’s article provides a great discussion of the evolution of goals and depending on where you are, pathways available to you. Understanding the context of how other companies have evolved and prospered should provide assurance to those who want to begin or advance their approaches and goals.

Expressworks’ sustainability practitioners are informed by our culture transformation experience and work with you to create a shared understanding of where your company sits in terms of multiple organizational capability and maturity frameworks. A paper published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers goes into more detail, and this presentation provides an overview. Note: these frameworks apply across all industries.

If you’re looking for a journey partner in shaping or evolving your sustainability strategies, please get in touch.

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