The biggest hacks, data exposures, and thefts that left companies and government entities reeling.

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A list of security breaches? Why not?  People like lists.  It happens every year, at the end or the beginning.  Some are lists of things to do for the next year.  Some are lists about the previous year — like the 2016 best or worst songs, novels or movies.  There’s a list of the world’s richest people, the most expensive universities, the cheapest cars and even a list of the largest government technology contracts.  Bucket lists, most wanted lists, wish lists, Santa lists.  And the list goes on.

So, here is a list of the most sensational security breaches for 2016.  From emails to bank accounts. From the IRS to Yahoo.  From Illinois and Arizona Boards of Election to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  Data exposed, money stolen, CEO’s fired, people harmed, and, possibly, presidential elections lost.

Breaches happen all over the world to all types of businesses, agencies and individuals. No one is immune.  Nothing is off limits.  We must be diligent and make it our responsibility to actively safeguard our personal and business data.  The weakest link in a cyber security network might be the human one.

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