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This research article provides interesting insight into the thinking and beliefs around defining and driving IT innovation. Most organizations want to drive innovation, however, it seems that there isn’t agreement on the best way to do this. In fact, the survey shows that people don’t agree on a definition for innovation, which makes it very difficult to define an approach.

What I found most interesting is that even without agreement on the what and how, the research pointed to four specific principles for IT innovation; ROI-backed innovation is sustainable, Collaboration cultures become innovation cultures, Trust is the currency of dynamic IT organizations and Innovation is change. These principles are relevant, not just for IT, but for any organization trying to develop a culture of innovation.

In my experience I have witnessed companies focusing on the wrong things when trying to achieve a culture of innovation; the “suggestion box” that is ignored or brainstorming sessions with no follow-up or actions. If leaders truly desire innovation they need to be the change agents and develop a culture of trust, transparency and flexibility.

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