Client Success Story: Enabling Operational Excellence

A Blueprint for Excellence

OE Management Plan Enables Long-Term Culture Change

The world’s leading companies don’t achieve greatness by chance. It comes from a carefully developed, enterprise-wide plan and shared commitment to be great. Success is hard-wired into their corporate DNA.

Our client, though a longstanding industry titan, sought to attain such an exalted level of performance by introducing a formal management system for operational excellence. The new system would capture and codify the company’s best practices to serve as a comprehensive handbook for ever-increasing success throughout the company. The client called on Expressworks to help create the OE management system and begin to integrate its principles into the company culture.

Equipping leaders to lead

For our client, operational excellence was defined as maximizing efficiency and reliability, while protecting people and the environment. Expressworks helped ensure the OE management system was applicable and realistic for the company’s diverse units, but we knew it wouldn’t succeed if management did not lead by example.

To this end, we developed and managed an operational excellence certification program for the company’s middle- and senior-level management. The certification process imbued leaders with the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviors they needed to implement the system in their organizations and effect cultural change one employee at a time. Expressworks supplied the project management, change management and implementation support, including the program’s communication and deployment strategy.

Enduring influence

Today the OE certification program has become an established component of management training throughout the company, having reached more than 3,700 leaders around the globe. In turn, those managers are instilling the principles of operational excellence in their teams, sowing the seeds of long-term cultural change among 40,000 employees worldwide. More importantly, they’re setting the stage for their eventual successors who will lead the company in the next generation.

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