A security researcher has demonstrated that jamming WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee networks is not difficult to perform but, most importantly, …

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Creating a cyber resilient culture doesn’t stop at protecting your company’s assets. It implies a level of awareness that should be akin to personal safety  and should be applied in every aspect of your life. With the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and internet connected devices comes the potential for malicious activity that exploits weaknesses in the design of WiFi protocols. Hacker activity in this space is currently centered around jamming signals so that devices don’t work as designed. Think car locks that won’t lock or refrigerators that mysteriously turn off. As the hacking of WiFi and IOT (Internet of Things) becomes more sophisticated, driverless trains and automobiles, or even large scale, internet controlled systems could be hacked to disastrous effect. 

Perhaps it is time for your company to focus on creation of a cyber resilient culture.