In our advanced age of smart devices, it’s worth commemorating a dumb one.

When Apple’s iPod MP3 player debuted in 2001, the device presented sleek design unparalleled in handheld technology—be it a cellphone, camera, or other music players—and its signature white earbuds quickly became a fashion icon. The business model attached to it, better known as iTunes, help save the music industry during a time where artists and labels struggled to respond to the growth of online piracy.

We’ve been willingly giving up our privacy for years by allowing programs like GPS to track our movements and store our information. The unintended consequence of this is the “new normal” of allowing all devices/applications that “help us”  track and collect all manner of information. Aggregation of this collection of movement, habit and consumption create the opportunity for digital exploitation, from hacking to marketing. This article is one of a collection well worth the read and consideration.

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