Ransomware is a type of malware or software program designed to lockup a device that is connected to the Internet, limiting access to the device and/or data in demand for a ransom. It has been around for over a decade now and cyber criminals have used that time to incorporate lessons learned and vastly improve

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So why does ransomware continue to work today? It’s the human between the seat and the keyboard. This is another example of the need for the user to be educated and aware of cyber-threats. At the OPI (Office Products International) conference last year I asked the audience to raise their hand if they fasten their seat belt in the car before driving. As you would expect, every single hand in the room went up. We need to think of cyber-security in the same way that we think of safety. You don’t think about it when you lock your seat belt before driving because it is second nature, cybersecurity needs to be the same; without even thinking you need to question the source of a link before clicking.

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