The room was buzzing during Jeremy Faludi’s Monday afternoon workshop on Whole Systems Mapping at SB’16 San Diego. Despite a sunny waterfront view, participants were engrossed in the activities in front of them as the interactive session that guided them through various brainstorming and design processes. Whole Systems Mapping builds on life-cycle assessment (LCA) to help identify and tackle the most important problems within a product’s design, as well as innovate with each iteration of its design.

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Systems mapping is a useful exercise when contemplating structural changes to the way you do business, produce a product, go to market. Each of these activities have a beginning, middle and end (life-cycle) and implications for employees, technology, 3rd parties and customers. Our clients use life-cycle assessments (LCA) to establish baselines for change. Once the baseline is documented, it is much easier to make changes because you have a reference point for tracking performance. The trick is creating good baselines to begin with and understanding that as the organization matures, life-cycle assessments should morph to accommodate maturity levels.