The truth is no one really knows what tomorrow or the next year will bring, and anyone who tells you otherwise is making it up.

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“This year, hospitals were attacked through their security systems, through their environmental systems, demonstrating that everything connected to the network is at risk. Just in time for Halloween, hackers once again showed us they have more tricks up their sleeves with the Mirai malware botnet attack that took over thousands of devices in one of the largest DDoS attacks ever seen, demonstrating just how vulnerable the Internet of Things (IoT) is. Web-based services were disrupted for many businesses to include healthcare that experienced the loss of web-based EHRs and other hosted critical services. The victims of this attack were not just the ones targeted, but all of those who were included in the wake of its collateral damage. The hackers used CCTVs, smart coffee makers and many other devices connected to the internet proving how anything can be weaponized.”


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