Emotional intelligence sets great leaders apart from the rest. Learn to recognize it in yourself and others with this 7 minute video slide deck. Download a customizable version in Subscriber Exclusives.

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Emotional intelligence, fortunately or unfortunately, (depending on whether we have it or don’t have it) is considered twice as important for outstanding leaders and “star performers” as having a high IQ or technical ability. Studies show a link between high emotional intelligence and better bottom-line results. Emphasis on teams, the global environment, and the need to attract and keep talent further underscore that emotional intelligence is vital to great leadership.

Emotional intelligence is the “ability to monitor your feelings and those of others to guide your thinking and behavior.” Based on work by psychologist Daniel Goleman, this video identified five components of emotional intelligence and discusses each by giving examples of high emotional behaviors like:

  • Self-deprecating sense of humor
  • Ability to ask for help
  • Contagious passion for work
  • Optimism
  • Empathy
  • Gift for collaboration.

So, it’s great if we have these behaviors, but what if we don’t? What if these behaviors are foreign to us or if the ones we have need improvement? The good news is that, according to Goleman, we can develop emotional intelligence. It takes concerted effort to change our behavior, but it can be done. That’s good news, indeed, for us not so highly evolved humans.

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