How important is water in your life?  We need water for practical purposes but everyone loves the beauty of the beach or the sound of a fresh stream of water descending from the hills.

Since ancient times, water has been used for healing and transformational purposes and symbolizes rebirth, spiritual cleansing and salvation in many religious cultures.

We are naturally drawn to water and it is no coincidence that blue is the favorite color chosen by the majority of the people in the world.

Wallace J Nichols, a marine biologist, believes that we all have a “blue mind.”  He explains,  “a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction of life in the moment.”

“A blue mind is a creative mind.”

“Being around water gives our brains and our senses a rest from overstimulation.”   “All things are simplified and we then begin to feel a connection to something beyond ourselves.”

Taking a shower has its benefits when it comes to removing the visual stimulation of your day.  How often  have you stepped in the shower and thought about an issue in your life and found the insight or solution without making the connection that your brain is stepping away from the normal distractions.

So let’s enjoy the water and be calmer and creative.

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