Lessons from three companies.

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Most of us have experienced implementing the new system designed to improve process and performance. End-users get a few hours of training and managers expect better and faster results.

This is not what Andy Fleming means when he talks about companies that are relentless people developers. “Deliberately Developmental Organizations or DDOs…have built their cultures to support the development of all of their people, every day.

“…In an increasingly VUCA business and economic environment – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – companies’ challenges are becoming ever more predominantly adaptive…Adaptive challenges require changes not only in skill sets but also in mind-sets: changes at the level of the operating system itself.

“…It is one thing to be relentless about continuously improving the processes by which work gets done; it is quite another – and every bit as necessary – to be relentless about continuously improving the people who do the work.”

For DDO companies “personal evolution, human flourishing, becoming a better person – these are at the center of the culture of each organization…Relentless focus on people, on developing everyone in the organization, leads to an organizational culture designed for adaptive change.

“…It is no accident, we have come to believe, that these three DDOs

[cited in the article] are highly successful across every conventional measure of business success, too.” 

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