We asked 16 people how the future is changing their work. Here’s what they said.

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Tech savvy and business savvy are morphing into synonymous terms.   The days when IT departments were the sole proprietors of technology are gone.  Today’s business innovations are being developed by anyone who can imagine a better way of working:

  • A car mechanic turns to a robot (not a service manual) for help with repairs.
  • A wine club uses data from online surveys to recommend wine tailored to specific tastes.
  • A construction superintendent keeps his blueprints on an eight-inch Apple iPad Mini.

It goes on and on.  3D printers making patterns for prosthetic devices.  A mobile app monitoring freezer temperatures at a creamery.  Ride-sharing apps.  Digital menus.  Robots performing surgery.  Drones monitoring seed count and nitrate levels on farms.

And a YouVersion Bible app for cell phones.   “Relevance is a moving target, and every corporation in America knows that irrelevance is a slow march toward death for them,” says lead pastor Ron Sylvia at the Springs church in Ocala, Florida.  “Everybody—from Coke to Windex to Elmer’s Glue—knew that if they didn’t change, they would die. Down the road, the church needs to wake up to that.”