Anne Dwane, CBO at Chegg, has had to adapt a lot in her career as she’s started and sold companies. Here’s what she learned.

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The familiar line says that most people like change – as long as someone else does it. We all recognize that personal change is difficult, particularly changing our minds.

“When you boil it down, learning is about changing your mind,” says Anne Dwane.

“Most folks would agree that learning is good,” she says. “The catch is that modern life hones skills…that are at odds with learning. With hectic personal and professional schedules, we live much of life sensing and responding, only engaging in creative or critical thinking occasionally.”

Dwane urges us to adopt the three learner mindsets – Gamer, Beginner and Growth.  “The implications of these changes are far-reaching,” she says. “But the changes themselves cost nothing and don’t take much time…”

“Adaptability is all about being fixed on a goal but flexible on the details.”  Being a constant learner is key to being an adaptable leader.