Survey Shines Light on Attributes of Sustainability Leaders – SustainAbility

When speaking with leaders we sometimes hear them expressing doubt.when they say, “I’m not sure I have what it takes to lead sustainability efforts” or “I can’t take time to learn sustainability with all that needs to be done.” Sustainability is all about vision and strategy realized through plans and targets – sounds like “normal” leadership, doesn’t it? The difference is that sustainability values are integrated into visioning, strategy creation and operation. Opportunity identification and risk mitigation efforts are strengthened by having the social and environmental context that the sustainability lens provides. Convening leaders to define and commit to sustainability values can be a game changer or at the very least, reduce CAPEX and OPEX spend. What organization wouldn’t want to be more efficient and effective?Company sustainability values are a reflection of company values and culture. Expressworks helps leaders understand sustainability in the context of their current roles.
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