Tug-of-War with Your Health

As I type another keystroke on my keyboard my neck twinges in pain and my eyes start to hurt. Must…Keep…Working…I’m on a deadline and I haven’t felt productive all day, oh…the stress is just getting worse, I don’t know how I can fix this. I’ll sit up straight and get my foot stool, maybe that will help…maybe?” Cara, procurement specialist.

Having been at her job now for over a year as a procurement specialist, Cara writhes in her office chair to find a comfortable position; trying to relieve the terrible neck and back pain. Not to mention she has had a headache half of the day and just can’t seem to focus. Cara tries to remember the last time she felt halfway decent at work. Thinking…thinking…thinking.

Do you experience this at all while at your home or work office? Are you feeling drained, reoccurring headaches? Back or shoulder pain? Can’t focus? IT’S YOUR OFFICE SPACE!

In the United States, we spend over 75 percent of our lives in the office environment. Working remotely is more common nowadays, but the importance of well-designed office space in a professional environment, is becoming more and more important.

Stress on your body can affect you in the smallest way. As it continues to build up, it creates a bigger problem, affecting your brain, metabolism, causing muscle atrophy and spinal issues. If not addressed appropriately, by an office space design professional, it can have serious repercussions.

Not just the proverbial “ergonomics” fix can address stress and health issues in the office space. Yes, a supportive chair or footstool can help temporarily, however there are many other factors that assist “STRESS” in affecting health.

  • Stress affects productivity in the workplace – not getting as much work done, because of health issues
  • Stress affects overall health of your employees – which in turn increases costs for health insurance and possible claims
  • Stress affects retention of employees – higher turnover rates
  • Stress affects sustainability of employees – employees leave their jobs sooner than expected because of health issues, not because of the job

All of these affect YOUR company’s profitability and sustainability in the marketplace.

Our next blog in the series will address environmental factors in the office space, to include a discussion regarding greenery, natural lighting, paint colors, and air quality. What does your office space look like? Let us know!

If you are looking to implement change to improve productivity, retention and sustainability of your employees, and exceed your company’s goals by addressing your employees and your own health in the office space, contact Expressworks!