Environmental Factors & YOUR Office Space – Greenery, Paint, Clean Air… Yes Please!

Close your eyes… imagine yourself in a room, with soft lighting, a light breeze fans your face, and next to you, the greenest ivy plants cleaning the air you breathe. Are you feeling nice and calm? Peaceful? Focused? Open your eyes… guess where you were? Your future office space!

In the commercial environment, numerous studies have concluded, that employee costs significantly outweigh the energy and maintenance costs of a commercial building. What are the employee costs? As mentioned in our previous blog regarding stress and the office space… this COST can mean, health insurance, low retention rates, disability claims… in a nutshell — decreased PROFITABILITY!

Companies and businesses cannot quickly change the shape or layout of an office building to help improve employee satisfaction, health, or retention rate. But, they can make subtle changes to the office space environment, that promote a sense of calm, productivity, focus, and happiness, that resonate with the employees!

Badly designed office spaces promote stress, sickness, injuries and an unhealthy environment. Just think about it, we spend 75 percent of our lives in the office. Who wants to work in those conditions? No thank you!

So… why do we NEED to change?

  • Color vs Blah – calming colors like green, or energetic colors such as yellow… all lend to increased productivity. Depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve for your company or business, colors in the office space can have a DRAMATIC effect on your employees!
  • Indirect Lighting vs Direct Lighting – ambient lighting decreases glare, decreases the need for squinting at your computer screen, and with the correct lamp or bulb, energy efficiency increases and heat decreases.
  • Greenery Plants vs None – live green plants will increase calmness, improve air quality, and provide visual interest when a break is needed.
  • Fresh Clean Air vs Sick Building Syndrome – ensuring that office spaces have clean, fresh air, is imperative to your employee’s health. Who wants to sit in a stale, hot, and stagnant office? Either having access to an open window, or fan, can drastically improve the air quality and health of your employees!

After all these improvements, YOU could be the… calm, collected, focused, and productive employee! All because of your Office Space!

Willingness to change and improve the lives of so many, including yourself, couldn’t be easier! Don’t neglect a place or space, where we spend 75 percent of our lives!

Personally, collectively, and holistically, businesses and companies like yours can benefit in so many ways! So, what are you waiting for? Let us help make the change… contact Expressworks!

Our next blog in the series will address Office Cultures & Space, and how office cultures are always changing, along with the need to address that change!