In today’s workplace environment, does it matter what you know or how you know it? It turns out how we value workers is changing, and the emphasis now is on learning and adapting instead of coming into a job with the skills required to do everything.

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“Knowledge used to be a commodity that only a few people had and that was passed down through specific channels. …

This new movement is the age of the “learning workers.” Yes, these people largely have college degrees and advanced training, but what sets them apart is their knowledge of how to learn.”


The only way to effectively keep up with change is to hire and retain workers who are lifelong learners.  You must also cultivate a culture of learning and tolerance of ambiguity until missing information/ knowledge is acquired.


You are probably not alone in wondering how to change your company to a learning organization. Your best bet is to partner with change experts who know your business and culture to help you get there.