While most companies aim to respond to customer needs, Japanese electronics company OMRON aims to respond to ‘social needs’. This difference stems from the constant consideration of the relationship between business and society by the company’s management team, which it has done since its founding. In addition, OMRON is determined to pursue sustainability alongside business revenue, and the company includes sustainability in the board’s evaluation. Sustainable Brands Japan (SB-J) spoke to Fumio Tateishi, Chairman of OMRON, to learn more about how a focus on generating societal benefits drives its business strategy.

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OMRON, a Japanese electronics company, has been, since its founding in 1933, committed to business strategies that address societal wellbeing.  How the company vision and strategy has evolved since then is a lesson in long term thinking/planning as well as a case study in how a company is using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to guide long term strategy.