T Bone Burnett recently gave a speech about the “value of the artist, and the value of art.”

Technology was developed for the purpose of the military in breaking codes and many of the tools used, are now being seen in recording studios.  Microphones and equalizers are to name a few.   Technology has affected the artist not only in the music industry, but with painters and photography and for some artist this has also created resistance.  Justin Bieber was first seen on YouTube with great success but artist feel the technology has also profited and not the artist.  “The price of music is being driven to zero.”  So what is the balance?

Artist now have to make appearances, post on social media to promote their craft and widen their exposure to audiences.    This creates a gap with an authentic artist and how their work is perceived.

There is a new group called “C3” “Content Creators Coalition that was created as an Artists Bill of Rights.  The main goals are the right to determine what medium they work in and to be able to set the price of their work.   This allows the artist to be authentic at their craft with the choice of using other means to promote themselves.

Music in America is rich in our history, culture and language and will continue to have an impact in the years ahead.  The changes are how it is recorded and accessed but the love of music is here to stay and to enjoy.

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