Scientists have figured out how to make electronics as pliable as a temporary tattoomeaning the next big tech platform may be your skin.

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“…stretchable electronics could enable users to pay for groceries or access a hotel room with the wave of a hand or participate in enhanced gaming experiences. Imagine a video-game console that monitors heart rate, temperature, and movements, and responds to them in real time with new challenges and environments.

“Electronics keep getting closer to us—from a computer on your desk to a Fitbit on your wrist,” Rogers says. “We’re just scratching the surface.””


While this article is focused mainly on consumer applications of wearable computers, the implications for all industries are enormous. Think about the number of handheld and fixed scanners that are in use or the number of times identities are confirmed. Opportunities for technological advancement will inevitably come with new vulnerabilities – individual, institutional and governmental.