Libraries provide so much more than educational information, they provide us with imagination and experiences that one may have never experienced otherwise.  You may remember a novel that you read over a summer of a very impressionable year on love, that stays with you even today.

The history of libraries began with efforts to organize collections of documents.  Some of the oldest include the Sorbonne Library founded in 1289.  “In 1791 during the French Revolution, the books were distributed to other libraries to protect them.”  The Laurentian Library in  Florence, Italy, was designed and built by Michaelango and opened in 1571.  The Hereford Cathedral Library in Hereford, England is reportedly the only one left in the world that has all of its chains intact.”  These libraries are history and art and are well worth a visit if traveling.

Let’s keep our libraries around and to encourage this love of libraries, attached in the article are the most ancient and beautiful libraries around the world.

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