It’s generally understood that Ty Cobb was a jerk. His teammates didn’t like him very much. But he’s still in the Hall of Fame. That’s because baseball keeps score… of hits, of runs and of catches…

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If you are hiring a supervisor, a CEO or even a nanny, taking seven minutes to read this post is well worth your time.  Seth Godin makes us think, and maybe, he might spur us to re-evaluate our approach.  Regardless, Godin offers a fresh perspective and even an “Encyclopedia of Real Skills.”

The goal of hiring is to get the right person for the job, to get past the resume to understand the person.  To see those things that, according to Godin, ultimately impact success: “decision making, eager participation, dancing with fear, speaking with authority, working in teams, seeing the truth, speaking the truth, inspiring others, doing more than we’re asked, caring and being willing to change things.”

Godin contends what we call “soft” skills, in fact, should be considered “real” skills.  “Real because they work, because they’re at the heart of what we need today. Real because even if you’ve got the vocational skills, you’re no help to us without these human skills, the things that we can’t write down, or program a computer to do.”

“We rarely hire for these attributes because we’ve persuaded ourselves that vocational skills are impersonal and easier to measure.”  After all we commonly say, “It’s not personal, it’s business.”

Yet, as Godin notes, “Culture defeats strategy, every time.”  And, therein, lies our challenge.

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