The pioneers who change our immaterial lives through ideas have as much influence as the engineers and technologists who provide the visible hardware. We host FutureFest because we want people to think about the future so that they can act more effectively in the present.

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Leaders who can envision the future in terms of intangibles as well as bottom lines and product offerings are likely more apt to tap into the values and dreams of their employees.

We know millennials express ideas about work that were unspoken just a generation ago…”make the world a better place, provide flexible work hours, coach instead of boss, collaborate instead of compete, integrate work and life.”

The intangibles they want change our perceptions of how to run a business and how to measure its success.

“…It’s possible that in the long-term the changes which affect us most are immaterial and invisible. They happen in our heads and hearts and become so much part of common sense that we barely notice them until we stand back and appreciate just how much the past has become a foreign country. These are the changes in how people treat each other; love each other; listen to each other; or show respect. They are changes in how we hope or dream, and what we value.”

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