However faddish and fuzzy, the idea of sustainability is here to stay

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“There is no getting away from the subject, however. Last year the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were adopted. Many investors increasingly fret over environmental risks, and are demanding policies that lessen them. Consumers care more, too, as a rash of examples attests. Demand from businesspeople for courses on sustainability is rising.”

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2016 have just been published. For those not familiar, the DJSI “… measure the performance… in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria, providing investors with objective benchmarks for managing their sustainability investment portfolios….using a best-in-class approach, companies must continually intensify their sustainability initiatives to be included or to remain in the Indices.” (excerpt from

As investors increasingly make investment decisions based on sustainability information, the incentives for leaders to adopt sustainable business practices have never been greater.

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