What does leadership means in today’s world, and how can leaders benefit from digital disruption and breakthrough technologies?

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“On a conceptual level, the Digital Age – called sometimes the knowledge society or networked society – is marked by several key structural changes that are reshaping leadership: (1) rapid and far-reaching technological changes, (2) globalization leading to the dynamic spread of information; (3) a shift from physical attributes toward knowledge and (4) more dispersed, less hierarchical organizational forms of organization.”

As leaders, we must:

  • embrace and understand the potential of the digital age
  • facilitate innovation and  “bank on” technology
  • enable our organizations to make the changes needed
  • adjust our leadership styles to match the needs of the new -new
  • never forget that there is a human that is part of the equation

These kinds of transformational changes can result in tumult and dislocation. Many leaders find the assistance of a change partner essential to the success of their efforts. Does your change partner fit the bill?