The chairman of JetBlue explains how a high-trust culture makes a better company (and life).

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“I believe that trust is more powerful than power itself,” explains Joel Peterson. “It supports innovation and flexibility, and it makes life more enjoyable and more productive. People who live in high-trust environments thrive.”


These are true words for life and for business.  Trust is the “oxygen” that fuels human interaction.  Without it relationships wither, die, or at worse, become contagiously toxic.  Wise people and wise leaders understand this.  They do everything they can to purposefully build and nurture trusting relationships.


Peterson’s many titles through the years include Chairman of the Board, CEO, CFO, board member, and professor.  His 35-year career spans business, finance, corporate management and education.    He’s been around.


Yet, as Theodore Kinni notes in this article, “How Smart Leaders Build Trust”, Peterson (with David Kaplan) just wrote his first book – and it’s on the subject of trust.   Hmmm, Kinni ponders, trust…of all possible things Peterson could have written about…


Theodore Kinni’s article, provides an overview of Joel Peterson’s book, The 10 Laws of Trust.